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The Film Business in Nigeria – Lessons from The Bling Lagosians

While people in Anambra or Kwara will be unable to see The Bling Lagosians because cinemas are not available in these states, they will be able to find the latest Asaba release around them, because the marketers have retained the old model of distribution to ensure their films go where they will be bought. Even in Lagos where there are more cinemas than any state in Nigeria, the Asaba marketers have created a movement, building a community and ensuring that the fans catch up on the latest releases. Every year, a small number of comedies become the bedrock of Nollywood’s commercial cinema. The Bling Lagosians is headed that way. With its release, Bolanle Austen-Peters‘ cinema debut intrigues cinema goers for its ability to separate itself from similar stories about rich Lagosians. The polit...

5 simple things you two can do to grow your relationship

What makes for a healthy romantic relationship differs from couple to couple. For any relationship to grow strong and stay strong, you need to put in some work. Although love is the foundation of any happy romantic relationship, love is not enough. In order to have a healthy relationship, both parties have to be willing to work on it. Below you’ll find 5 ways to keep your relationship strong. 1.Take an interest in what interests them My husband loves to golf and watch all sports on television. I had no interest in sports. Eventually, I realized how much he did for me and with me. One day I decided to take golfing lessons and watch sports with him. 2. Learn what pleases your partner sexually Make it clear that his pleasure is your pleasure, and you want to discover everything about what tur...

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